KNX is a global standard in the sector of home automation and technical building management. It particularly allows compatibility and interoperability of products.

Recognized as the norm at the European level, more than 370 manufacturers have already joined the KNX protocol with more than 7000 products certified according to this standard.

certifié KNX Fc-Integration domotique surveillance à Nice
certifié Avigilon Fc-Integration domotique surveillance à Nice


Avigilon offers complete security solutions : video control software, cameras, access control and analysis systems…

As a recognized partner, FC Integration offers you a video surveillance solution that removes all doubt for a home and building that is connected and secured according to your needs.


The Microsoft Professional certification guarantees you the knowledge and skills of FC Integration in the deployment, management, and maintenance of your IT infrastructures.
Microsoft certified FC Integration home automation surveillance in Nice.

certifié microsoft Fc-Integration domotique surveillance à Nice
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Deltadore is a company developing « made in France » solutions relating to the control of a connected home. Deltadore developed the Radio Frequency X3D bus technology. This technology allows different participants of an electrical installation to communicate without interferences or jamming (4G, Wifi, GSM), to progress according to the needs of the users and their budget (ease of connection, remote access to monitoring of your home) and to install rapidly within your home (renovation or construction). Conforming to European standards, the Deltadore X3D technology is one of the home automation solutions offered by FC Integration, which has been recognized as a partner installer since 2015.


The Sonos smart speaker system offers the ability to play wirelessly from a single musical source in each room of your home. Web radio/ music library or musical service on demand, the sound and the music are controlled by your fingertips through an application and played conveniently in one or all the rooms of your home. By cable or wireless, Sonos is the solution leader of the multi-room sound market. Constraints are minimal, as you have the choice of playing on your speakers or quality home cinema system already in place. Whether you prefer this on high fidelity Hifi or a professional sound system, FC Integration is able to assist you.

Logo Sonos partenaire de FC intégration depuis 2007
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FC Integration integrates Globalcaché monitoring and high-performance automation solutions. Progressive and reasonably accessible, Globalcaché products answer to the needs of private individuals (apartments, houses) and professionals (buildings, institutions) to control numerous electronic equipments through Infrared relayed by a simple Wifi/Ethernet connection. This authorizes the creation of macros allowing you to automate, through your smartphone or tablet control, a certain number of everyday actions involving your mainstream electronic devices (TV/BluRay/Multimedia players/satellite receivers/DTT).


RISCO Cloud security and alarm solutions allow users remote monitoring of their alarm systems. Thanks to the connectivity of RISCO Cloud, the user manages his alarm system through the IRisco application (remote arming and disarming), receives notifications in case of suspected intrusion, and, thanks to optimal quality and performance, may perform visual verifications and automatic surveillance.

Advanced features and optimized monitoring through RISCO solutions installed by FC Integration no matter what your activity : private individual, small and medium-size business, bank, commercial…

Risco partenaire de FC integration
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Solution for the visualization of home automation installation

The Domovea Trebis software centralizes the monitoring of your home automation installations from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Customizable and accessible anywhere, this ultra-efficient software offers a complete dashboard of your equipment and allows you to analyze your energy consumption, your performance, and the power of your devices to save energy. As a DOMOVEA certified installer, FC Integration installs, configures, and guides you for efficient use of your home automation installation.


The DAHUA surveillance cameras are among the most efficient on the market. As an installer, FC Integration offers you solutions adapted to your needs, may they be professional or personal.
High-quality security and surveillance are within your reach.

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The half-measure is not part of Devialet DNA. Since our beginnings, we are motivated by the will to discover the sound high fidelity to the greatest number through revolutionary technologies. This is how Pro Expert and Phantom are born.
The fruit of more than 10 years of research and development, Phantom delivers exceptional sound in all points: compactness / performance out of the ordinary, excessive power, no background noise, distortion or saturation even at full power, as well as bass implosives that your whole body feels. Discover the unreasonable sound.